ACMUSE, 2015

Bridal & Glamour Night Course // starting 27th January 2015 // 8 weeks // $900.00.

Casualty Short Course // 12th-14th February 2015 // 3 day course // $700.00.

Airbrushing Short Course // 20th-21st February 2015 // 2 day course // $700.00.

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Certificate IV

This course is presented via face to face teaching, demonstration and practical exercises. Students experience a simulated work place environment, with access to equipment, products and facilities reflecting industry practice. Out of college experience is available, but is not assessed as part of the course. Distance learning is not feasible.



This course is for people interested in gaining specialist skills in special effects make-up for film, television, theatre, fashion and photography. The Diploma course is considered our 2nd year of study as it requires a Certificate IV as its pre requisite learning.