Domestic Learner Information

Accredited Courses

CUA41215 Certificate IV in Screen and Media

CUA41215 Certificate IV in Screen and Media

CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services)

CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services)

CUV60211 Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

CUA60715 Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

Domestic Learner Information

RT0 Number: 90910


Tuition is conducted by fully qualified trainers and industry professionals working within their fields of expertise. The College offers 24 places for make-up learners and 10 places for special effects learners. This ensures a low learner teacher ratio and thus a high level of direct instruction to learners.


Training Methods

Teaching is done through demonstration, group lectures and practical work.


Assessment Methods

Ongoing assessment based on training package assessment criteria. There are three clustered assessment points: one is week one, a mid year assessment in week 20 and a final assessment at the end of the year – practical and theoretical examination.



Learner orientation will occur in the first week of study and will involve an introduction to the College, basic procedures for study, provision of notes and policy documents.


Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)  is offered to all enrolling learners. Where the learner’s qualifications have been issued under the Australian Qualifications Framework the College  has an obligation to recognise those qualifications or Statements of Attainment where any other Registered Training Organisation has issued them.

If there is sufficient evidence in the application and supporting documentation, you will be invited to complete a number of make-ups over a three-hour period.



Learners must attend 90% of the course. Except in the case of illness verified by a doctor’s certificate, absenteeism is not tolerated.


The Timetable

Classes commence in February and end in early December, the year being divided into four terms of eight to ten weeks each. Classes are held daily from 9:15 AM to 5:00 PM, with one hour’s break for lunch.


Learner Contact Details

While undertaking their studies, The College requires that learners keep it informed of any changes in their residential address or any other contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses etc.


Flexible Learning

Because of the practical nature of the courses offered, the College can only apply flexible learning CEOs to theoretical subject areas. These include self-paced and self-directed learning where possible. Distance learning is not available.


Learner Support and Welfare

ACMUSE provides resources and support to help students make the most of their time at the College. The College makes every effort to assist learners. We regularly consult with learners to gather feedback on their learning experiences at the College and continually strive to develop and improve our services.  The support services include professional and qualified counsellors on request, language, literacy support on request if unable to cope with the course work, Student Welfare Officer, experienced  trainers and CEO.

ACMUSE offers the following student support services:

The College has a Student Welfare Officer who can provide learners with assistance as required in their study program and ensure they proceed with their study plan. They will generally be the first person(s), learners turn to when they have a question or problem.

Referral programs for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support are also available upon request or where the College and the learner see need.

ACMUSE may arrange for specialised counselling services on request which may entail additional costs. Internal welfare services are provided free of costs to assist learners in developing the personal skills and qualities necessary for success in their study program. Where personal or practical concerns interfere with a participant’s ability to study, these services can assist learners to resolve the immediate issues and develop strategies for the future. Learners may wish to speak to an external counsellor and/or Student Welfare Officer about matters, such as:

  • Coping with relationship and family issues
  • Dealing with homesickness, stress or depression
  • Managing time, or
  • Maintaining motivation


Make-up Kit

All learners receive a make-up kit as part of their course. The cost is included in the Course Fee – no additional payment is needed.

A Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services kit comprises of an array of professional make-up products, make-up brushes, hair styling materials,  tools and accessories, as well as other items required for the course. The kit is valued at $2,000.00.

An Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts Make-up kit comprises of an airbrush, airbrush compressor, airbrushing inks and steel modelling tools, as well as other items required for the course. The kit is valued at $1,500.00.

Replacement of training material (make-up kit):
Each learner receives a full make-up kit in the first week, it then becomes their property, meaning learners are responsible replacing and maintaining their own kit. Where a learner subsequently cancels his or her enrolment, ACMUSE will not refund monies for the make-up kit as part of their enrolment into the course and specified into the course and specified at time of enrolment. A full list of replacement fees and charges is contained within the Schedule of Fees and Charges (downloadable from the ACMUSE website).



There is a high demand for all types of accommodation in Sydney and learners are advised to allow 3-6 weeks to find suitable accommodation. The College is happy to supply a list of Real Estate Agents, hostels, hotels and shared accommodation, but cannot arrange, nor recommend, accommodation. As the College is located close to the Sydney CBD, Sydney University and The University of Technology, learner accommodation in the vicinity is plentiful.

Fee Structure :

Course CRICOS Code Course Fee Deposit Total
CUA41215 Certificate IV in Screen and Media    $4,000  $1,500  $5,500
CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services) 067464C $13,500 $1,500 $15,000
CUA60715 Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts   $13,500 $1,500 $15,000

Schedule of Course Fees and Charges

For a full summary of Course Fees and Charges, please refer to the Schedule of Course Fees and Charges document.

Course fees may be paid directly to the College by card (ACMUSE accepts Mastercard and Visa, subject to a 2% surcharge to recover bank processing charges), through direct deposit into our bank account, or by cash / cheque. Please ask Administration for ACMUSE bank details should you wish to pay via direct deposit. All fee payments must be in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Miscellaneous fees:

College campus access door fob key – $50 deposit.

Re-issue of qualification Certificate/Statement of Attainment – $40 (plus GST).

On campus printing: 20c per page (cash only).

On campus scanning: $1.50 per page (cash only).

On campus photocopying $1.50 per page (cash only).

FYI: All students must allow for a 12hrs turn around for printing, scanning and photocopying (ie. learners need to allow a day and a half turn around time).

A Hair Kit is required for CUF50407 Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services, however, if a learner already has access to the items that make up this Hair Kit, a full kit need not be purchased. Maximum Hair Kit Fee: $380.00.


Advance Payment of Course Fees

Full course fee payment in advance (total payable course fees is $15,000 for Domestic learners) attracts a discount of $250.00.


Course Fee Deposit

The College requires a deposit to be paid before enrolment into a course. *Please note – Deposits are non-refundable.


Course Fee Refund Policy

Fees paid by learners enrolled in short courses (1 – 16 weeks) are non-refundable. The Deposit is non-refundable. Refunds are only payable where fees have been paid in advance and exclude amounts paid for learner kits. Health considerations prohibit the return of the make-up kits once they have been supplied.


The following refund policy applies to all enrolments:

  • A full refund of any tuition fees, not including deposit, will be applicable where written cancellation of enrolment is received at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of a program.
  • Where written cancellation of enrolment is received within a period of less than seven (7) days prior to commencement of a program, a refund of 75 per cent of any tuition fees paid in advance will apply, minus deposit.
  • Where written cancellation of enrolment is received subsequent to the commencement of a training program, a learner will not be entitled to a refund of any tuition paid in advance.
  • Where a learner cancels his or her enrolment to a training program subsequent to the commencement of such program due to extenuating circumstance, the CEO has the discretionary power to waive or amend the organisation’s no refund policy.  Considerations for a waiver or amendment of the no refund policy will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.
  • Refunds will exclude cost of make-up kits which become the property of the learner upon payment thereof and does not need to be returned.
  • Where refunds are approved, the refund payment must be paid to the learner within 14 days from the time the learner gave written notice to cancel their enrolment. Tuition refunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the learner on the Refund Request Form.
  • Applications for refunds should be made to


Certificate Reissue

ACMUSE charges a fee of $40.00 (plus GST) for reissue of Qualifications or Statements of Attainment. For a full list of current fees and charges please refer to the ACMUSE Schedule of Fees and Charges.


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