ACMUSE Graduates are expertly trained and suitable for immediate contract to the industry. Many excel within their chosen sector, which ranges from SFX make-up for film to fashion and editorial. Furthermore, many learners secure work within the industry while studying at ACMUSE, often undertaken alongside numerous work experience opportunities.

Contact with the industry via exceptional work experience opportunities are encouraged at ACMUSE. An extensive list of work experience and paid job opportunities are available to all of our students upon commencement of their course. Communication of such work experience opportunities takes place at College and via the ACMUSE closed group facebook page.

Once you’ve studied at ACMUSE, you’re part of the ACMUSE family. This means that we also communicate excellent work experience and job opportunities to our graduates.

A selection of work experience!

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    Nikola Davis
    Studies Cert IV & Diploma, graduated 2014

    Sarah O’Brien (nee McCarthy)
    Studied Cert IV & Diploma, graduated 2013

    Estefania Montero
    Studied Cert IV & Diploma, graduated 2013

    Amy Vaughan
    Studied CIV, graduated 2013

    Courtney Hudson
    Studied Cert IV, Diploma and a selection of short courses, graduated 2013

    Elisabeth Gastberger
    Studied Cert IV and DIPS,  graduated 2012

    Zoe Slatyer
    Studied Cert IV and DIPS, graduated 2009

    Glitta Supernova
    Studied CIV, graduated 2009

    Andrea Damyon
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 2008

    Molly Oakfield
    Studied Cert IV and DIP, graduated 2008

    Lianne Batty (Claire)
    Studied CIV, graduated 2008

    Huw James
    Studied CIV, graduated 2007

    Zoe Saleeba
    Studied CIV, graduated 2007

    Vincent Salintitri
    Studied CIV, graduated 2007

    Judith Laverty
    Studied CIV, graduated 2007

    Rachel Montgomery
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 2007

    Joanne Bentley
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 2006

    Nicole Thompson
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 2005

    Eliza Campagna
    Studied Cert IV and DIPS, graduated 2005

    Rachel Preobrajensky
    Studied Cert IV and DIPS, graduated 2004

    Emma – Lee Court
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 2003

    Studied Cert IV, graduated 1993

    Angela Conte
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 1984

    Deb Lancer
    Studied Cert IV, graduated 1980