International Students

ACMUSE is a registered CRICOS provider (code: 02522B) for the Diploma of Screen and Media and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media in Specialist Makeup Services.

Apply to Enrol

Fill out an enrolment application form and email it to administration@makeupcollege.com.au

International Enrolment Application

Please note: If English is not your first language, a copy of the result of a recognised English test is also required.

The College will promptly assess the application. 

We will then contact you to arrange an interview - which can be done online if you are not within visiting distance of the college. This is as much for you to assess us as vice versa. The interview is an informal affair – a tour of the College facilities, a chat, review of your portfolio (if you have one) and a discussion of your aspirations. 


If you are accepted, the College will send you an Acceptance Notification, together with an enrolment form. The enrolment process is legally binding with the enrolment form being a contract between the College and the learner. A hard copy signed by the learner, or their parent or guardian, is mandatory. You must return the signed enrolment form with your deposit (Direct Debit is available) upon receipt of which the College will send you a confirmation of your place.

Certificate of Enrolment for Visas

Once you have returned the signed enrolment form, the College will generate a “Certificate of Enrolment” (CoE) from the Department of Home Affairs web site and then inform you of the Certificate Number. The Australian Department of Immigration is automatically notified when the CoE has been generated.

The learner then has to arrange for a visa from an Australian Diplomatic post (embassy or consulate) outside Australia, or the Department of Immigration of Ethnic Affairs inside Australia.

Please note that The College does not offer advice as to the likelihood of a learner obtaining entry to Australia. Remember that you must arrange for Health Cover for the duration of your stay in Australia.

For advice regarding studying in Australia please visit the Australian Government’s Study In Australia website

What courses are available to international students?

Our Accredited Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media courses are open to international enrolment.

Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services)Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services)

ACMUSE RTO Code: 90910

Accredited Courses available to International Students:

How to Enrol

ACMUSE International Student Guide

International application enrolment form

For official advice regarding studying in Australia please visit the Australian Government’s Study In Australia website.

Information for International Students

All students whose first language is not English must demonstrate sufficient competency in spoken and written English to undertake the course.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection regulations require that prospective students demonstrate English language proficiency before they will be issued with a student visa.

To prove that you have competent English you must have achieved a score of at least 6 for each of the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing) of an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test that has been undertaken in the three years immediately prior to lodging the visa application.

Immigration regulations require that full fee paying International students must show evidence of adequate health insurance arrangements in the form of International Student Health Cover (OSHC) being made prior to the issuing of a visa. This cover must be maintained for the duration of the students stay in Australia.

OSHC can be obtained through Australian Education Centres in the learner’s home country, through immigration agents in Australia, or directly with various Australian private health insurers. Some insurers will accept applications over the Internet. It is the learner’s responsibility to arrange OSHC.

The College has full insurance cover under Australian government regulations that ensure tuition fees paid by overseas learners are protected. The College is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) and subscribes to the ACPET Tuition Assurance Scheme.

There is a high demand for all types of accommodation in Sydney and students are advised to allow 3-6 weeks to find suitable accommodation.

The College is happy to supply a list of Real Estate Agents, hostels, hotels and shared accommodation, but cannot arrange, nor recommend, accommodation.

As the College is located close to the Sydney CBD, Sydney University and The University of Technology, learner accommodation in the vicinity is plentiful.

International students may wish to avail themselves of “homestay” accommodation, details of which are available from Australian Education Centres located at most Australian Embassies.

Australian Government statistics indicate that an International student requires a minimum of $18,000 to $21,000 AUD for living expenses in each year of study.

Students should plan to have in excess of this amount to cover their initial costs of establishment, such as accommodation bond payment and basic household and domestic items.

International students should familiarise themselves with the conditions applying to the issuing of a learner visa for study in Australia .

Information concerning learner visas may be downloaded from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website at http://www.immi.gov.au/. The College does not offer advice as to the likelihood of a learner obtaining entry to Australia.

The College has no formal agents in Australia or overseas.

International students using an education agent should ask the agent to contact the College.