Learner Assessment

Learner Assessment

General Assessment Policies

  • Assessments are conducted throughout and at the end of the year.
  • Assessments can be theoretical as well as practical. The end-of-year assessment is to see how much of the course learners have understood and the knowledge they have gained. From day one learners are assessed on punctuality, cleanliness, cleanliness of make-up kits, presented research material and teamwork ability.
  • Assessment is competency based and designed to determine whether the learner can demonstrate the target competencies.
  • All assessment must meet the criteria of the training package
  • .Assessment is undertaken in the college.
  • All assessment must be appropriate to the needs of learners and program delivery methods.
  • Assessment records are kept to monitor progress.

Assessors are required to:

  • Be fair and reasonable during assessment
  • Be familiar with the field and with the requirements of relevant industry standards.Be up to date with assessment methods and procedures appropriate to the course.
  • Make proper assessment decisions based on explicit evidence of competency.
  • Systematically review the assessment evidence obtained through means such as interview, workplace assessment and performance tests.

Assessment Appeals Procedure

A learner may appeal to the CEO against an assessment decision. If after discussion it is felt appropriate, the learner may request a re-assessment.

If the matter remains unresolved after the review panel presents its findings, the candidate may make a written request to the CEO that they wish the matter be dealt with through an independent external dispute resolution (mediation) process. ACMUSE in consultation with the candidate will appoint a mutually agreed independent external mediator within 14 working days. It is then up to the mediator, the appellant and ACMUSE to resolve the complaint. Further details on this process is available in the student handbook.